Day 1: What are these bumps on my fingers?

This is what the bumps looked like on my fingers when I noticed them for the first time.  They may have been getting bigger and bigger for several days, but I hadn’t noticed them at all.  Notice how they are almost in the exact same place on each finger in relation to the knuckle?  That is a sign that it is a parasite which I most likely got from eating sushi a week or so ago.  I am not sure why they make bumps on the fingers like this, but the lady at the herbal shop told me that when you see the bumps form like in the picture (actual picture of my hand) that you more than likely had sushi a week or two ago which is the cause of the parasites.

finger bumps on day 1

I will be posting a new picture every day so that you can follow my progress.  I will also be adding some blog posts explaining some other benefits of this herbal wonder that may surprise you.  If you are interested in seeing my progress, please subscribe for free in the sidebar to the right.  It’s simple and you will be notified the next time I post.

Lucky for us the cure for these bumps is just as easy as the diagnosis.  Oil of Oregano.  When I got finger bumps the first time (years ago) they were completely gone after 2 weeks of taking Oil of Oregano.

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